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What Is Landscape Curbing?

Landscape curbing is a low maintenance, visually stunning alternative to the traditional paver. It is a product that stands up taller than a paver, thus giving it more containment depth and road presence. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and by choosing us, we guarantee that you will impress all who grace your doorstep. 


About The Product


We mix the cement on-site and use our curbing machine to form a continuous boarder that has galvanized cable plumbed through its entirety. What this allows for is a system that floats together in freeze-thaw conditions and does not separate. This means gone are the days of leveling pavers to put them back in line with the others. Once the curb is formed we take release color and dust it over the curb. This will be the main color of the curb and the base chosen for the mix will be the undertone. We then apply the stamp of your choosing and cut relief cuts to control the cracking. Yes this product will crack, it is designed to, just like concrete. The same as you have saw cuts in your driveway, we will put relief cuts in your curbing to control where it cracks under pressure. The cable throughout the curb will not allow it to move, so this will largely be unnoticeable. What it will not do is crumble, heave majorly, or break apart. This is a product that will last a very long time if you take care of it properly.


Simple, reseal it periodically.  

Our recommendation is this: after the slump sets we will come back out and seal the curb for you a few days later. Since this is new curb its going to drink sealer just like new wood on a deck would, so we advise you to re-seal this in 6-8 months. After this you will have a really good base and you can switch to re-sealing every couple years to prevent sun-fade and keep your curb looking new.

Do I Have To Re-Seal The Curb?

We give you all of the information to re-seal the product on your own, and we encourage our customers to do so, but we know this is not a job for everyone. We do offer a re-seal program, and would be more than happy to share those details with you when we come out for your free estimate.


We do everything in our power to deliver the best product possible to our customer. When we leave a site we will take a video of the curbs entirety to save it on file. We are not responsible if during the set-up process you or your dog walks through the curb or you damage it in some other way. We will do everything we can to assist you in correcting such damages but there will be an associated cost with making such repairs.  This goes the same if you run into it with your mower or drive over it.  The product was not designed to stand up to such abuse and therefore will not be covered under our two year craftsman and major heaving warranty.  

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